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Matze Hörold (bg)
  german version


Mathias "Matze" Hörold

I was born at the same day as Jimi Hendrix but 23 years later.


motorcycles, my bloodhound and books

favourite dish/drink:
spaghetti in all variations
czech beers

favourite cars:
cars are only for cops and pussies, the real man rides a BMW R 75 (this is is an old motorcycle) but if I really have to drive a car I would choose a Defender by Rover

musical models:
Geezer Butler, Steve Harris

favourite CD
SAXON "Killing Ground"
IN EXTREMO "Sünder ohne Zügel"
(all time)
IRON MAIDEN "The Number Of the Beast"

my favourite joke:
Two women meet at the street.
One of them says:"Oh, look there, my husband is coming at home
and look he has bought a bunch
of flowers for me. Certainly I have
to splay my legs."
So the other woman asks:"Why
you have to do this? Don't you get
a vase?"

Matze Hörold (bg)

Which 3 things you would choose if you have to go at a lonely island?
1) my wife
2) a lot of books
3) the recipe of Budweiserbeer
3a) my CD-collection with my discman and 10²³

my biggest desire for the year 2002:
a successful tour to the CD SOKARIS

my hardest experience:
the call-up to the army (NVA)









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