Marcus "Rooky" Forstbauer (gui.)Matze Hörold (bg)Ronnie "Pille" Pilgrim (voc.)Andy Korte (dr)Claus Johannsohn (gui.)


  1. Welcome to charon    4:23
  2. Run    4:59
  3. Fire in the sky    5:23
  4. Fallen angels    6:26
  5. Harmless game    4:43
  6. Take me back   7:48
  7. Jack the ripper    9:18
  8. Raising hell   4:41
  9. No man('s) land   5:19
10. Never give it up    3:46








Fallen Angels

Dirty fingers stroke about your skin.
You hear a horny groan.
A dumb cry chokes your little throat.
You feel you ain`t alone .

Strange voices whisper words to you.
You don`t know what it means.
Cold strange sweat glues in your hair.
And tears your little soul.

Still you don`t know how to walk alone
But hellfire burning.
Your whole life you will feel this heat
You`ll stop it anymore.

WATCH OUT - for all the fallen angels.
WATCH OUT - with bloody eyes and broken wings
WATCH OUT - they are searching in the darkness
WATCH OUT - for the lost paradise

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You can not see this man but feel he´s watching you.
He always knows your secrets and what you will do.
You´re running fast - he´s faster, never you can win.
To catch his shadow will be your ultimate sin.

You think you´ve private lives, think nothing of the kind.
There´s someone always there, even in your mind.
If you sleep well be shure he sleeps beside you.
And in your wildest dreams he´s following you too.

It´s like a nightmare and never you´ll awake.
It is a constant battle, fight without a break.
Always in focus but you can´t feel his stare.
He zooms into you whereever you will dare.

RUN, RUN, RUN don´t look behind you!
RUN, RUN, RUN he´s always there.
RUN, RUN, RUN don´t look behind you!
RUN, RUN, RUN forever beware!

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Take Me Back To The First Time

Babe, I´ll leave you - please understand!
Believe, babe it´s so hard to leave you
´cause there´s no coming back.
So many times I have tried to find a way.
There´s no other way to hold me back.
And I don´t know the reason why-
At first our love was so strong.
Oh, where has your love-your love gone?

Oh babe, all seemed clear and easy, all the time.
And our love was made for eternity-
I feel it is over, tell me why!
I wanna cry but I can´t-
Because I feel so paralysed.
But I will go, good bye.
Yet memories bring me to you.
You will take me out of my mind.
I can´t forget you no more.

My love didn´t change, I believed in you.
And this love would never die-
But I´m leaving you!

Take me back to the first time!
Bring back the first day!
When I walked in heaven with you.
Take me back to the first time!
Bring back the first day!
I fear the time after without you.

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Jack The Ripper

The town is sleeping, all the street-lamps went out.
Suddenly you´re caught in a fog, darkness around you.
You only hear your own footsteps at night.
But you ain´t alone, I am behind you!

I am the hunter and you´ll be the next.
Don´t try to hide I will find you.
´cause I´m everywhere and nowhere.
No matter how you cry no one´s gonna hear you.
It´s all up with you my dear-
D´you know who I am?

Jack the ripper, Jack the ripper!
Pray if you can, get ready to die!
Jack the ripper, Jack the ripper!
My cold steel awaits you!

It´s all the same now what you do or intend.
It´s useless your way leads to deadend.
At the end I am going to await you.
The moon will be witness but he will keep silent.

I am the hunter...

Jack the ripper, Jack the ripper!...

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Raising Hell

Sirens cry loud
deep in the night.
Brutal music just in the air.
I hear the sound
of guns sending flak.
See the sky spreads weird light.

Demons of hell are riding over the sky.
Out of the searchlight they come.
Hungry for burned flesh and thirsty for blood.
Counting your days down to zero.

I see the streets
running bloody red.
Ashes falls down on my head.
No chance to hide.
No chance to run.
Stench of decay all around.

Ring the bell to raise hell.
Kindle firestorms in the air.
Say the spell to raise hell.
We are ghostraiders in the sky.

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Welcome To Charon

Can you see the whole mankind , rush down to the bank of Acheron?
They queue up ´n´ toll the bell to call for Charon - the old ferryman.
There`s no more place on earth for them,
They changed the world to fester.
Now it will be their stinking grave. REST IN PEACE!

One by one crosses the river, goes ashore and vanishes in the mist.
They don´t know what awaits them in the fog on the other side of Acheron.
It´s all the same they destroyed the world,
The dream of live is over.
There´s no more sand in glass of time. REST IN PEACE!

Welcome to Charon
Welcome to the never!
Land of no return,
There´s no coming home.

Ferryman of death,
See his wicked smile.
No one can escape,
Don´t cry it´s too late!

Bells of Acheron
Count every dying man.
Listen to the bell!
May be you are the next!

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Fire In The Sky

Hidden deep in time
You find yourself in dark rooms of eternity.
You´re beyond my grasp,
Can´t see your color and also can´t feel your shape.
But now your secret is solved, we can feel
Your burning power´s like heaven and hell.
It´s like a strong wave comin´from the sea.
We can not catch it, you rule the game!

Clouds are shining bright.
Eternal darkness has covered the world.
Lightning strikes again.
Green poisenend damps creep down from the burning sky.
It´s coming closer coming closer to you.
Can you not feel it? Danger is near!
The atmosphericses increase everywhere.
Hear strange voices, which getting through.

I can´t feel you, I can´t see you
Child of the universe.
What´s your secret son of dark forces?

There is a fire in the sky!
Born in the silence of the night.
There is a fire in the sky!
It mother can just be the light.

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No Man(`s) Land


Lately I had a bad dream, hope this comes never true:
I made a trip to No man(`s) land. Hey men , keep out!
There only women living, men are banned in protected zones
Because the men were all proclaimed as so useless.
Seen as animals without emotions, get away men!
Unable to love, a big mistake.

The sexual repression by men is over now.
At last women can be free, free of all men.
Too long they´re only victims by male desire - yeah, it´s true!
Hey, girl lay down your womanhood - no one needs it!
You will find true love in No man(´s) land, come and feel it!
Make your choice - welcome in No man(`s) land!

Break down the chains of confusion!
Break down the chains in your mind!
Liberation of women means not to hate men.
Break down the chains - make a try!

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Harmless Game

It´s all the same what´s your profession,
If you´re a wise or stupid man.
´cause with my help you can do phantastic creatures, you will the see.

I´m Dr. Cloning!
Do you feel bored by your wife and by your TV?
Read the manual for my cloning set and combine your living toy!

It´s a harmless game!
Play it again!

One takes this fluid one takes this powder.
Mix all together and wait something.
In a few minutes it is done, but beware ´fore use please do shake!

I´m Dr. Cloning!
Do you feel bored by your wife and by your TV?
Read the manual for my cloning set and combine your living toy!

It´s a harmless game!
Play it again!

Read the manual for my cloning set and combine your living toy!
And if you don´t like your new fellow -now so what-
Put it in sink and try it again!

It´s a harmless game!
Play it again!

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Never Give It Up

There is a feeling I can´t explain.
It rules my body my brain and my soul.
It seems my destiny and my own prophecy.
Still it´s a dream but it comes true!

Don´t try to stop me, I will go on!
Don´t try to tame me, I´ll carry on!
Don´t waste your breath there´s no return to me.
The dice is cast. Get outta my way!

Never give it up! Nothing stops us!
Never give up! Hold on to the last!
Never give it up! Don´t try hold up!
Never give up! Get outta my way!





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