Marcus "Rooky" Forstbauer (gui.)Matze Hörold (bg)Ronnie "Pille" Pilgrim (voc.)Andy Korte (dr)Claus Johannsohn (gui.)
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  german version

The roots of DOUBLE ACTION can be dated back into 1990.

At that time (still the Band was called MEPHISTO) the band was the opener for the METAL HAMMER festival in Hannover. The five guys stood on stage besides METALLICA and DIO and left the stage with 14.000 fans screaming for encore. One year later the band got a new name: DOUBLE ACTION.

The band developed into a professional working, heavily touring act. That was then, but this is now: With a simple motto put down onto their banners they made their way all through the R´n´R jungle: IF YOU DON`T FEEL IT, YOU CAN`T ROCK!

Although the 90´s didn´t stand in sign of true metal. DOUBLE ACTION were working hard without interruption. They went on tour and played at festivals together with

In 1993 a self-titeld 6 track demo cames out and presented the potential of this five-piece. The press was absolutly delighted (METAL HAMMER: "Best of unsigned") but the record companies were not interested in Heavy Metal.

The following debut "FIREPROOF" in 1998 caused a stir in the international metal-press too and URIAH HEEP and NAZARETH decided to put DOUBLE ACTION onto the bill of their DOUBLE TROUBLE TOUR´98. The final show with DOUBLE ACTION took place in Colonia where 2000 metalheads were banging their brains out.

A promising consequence of this tour was: Udo Dirkschneider and Breaker Records gave DOUBLE ACTION a deal and a chance and present the band is reaching a new highlight with the second album "SOKARIS". The new production makes it very clear:
Metal without compromises, net or useless pomp. Kick-ass music straightaway!!!

To all you nonbelievers listen up, when it blazes your stereo with "HOT STUFF"

Metal in it´s best tradition!



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